Production of stainless steel ball valves and fittings for the chemical and pharmaceutical food sector.

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373046_L_3 SEALS -

373046_L_3 SEALS

THREE-way ball valve three seals with “L” port
Drive: ISO 5211 – DIN 3337 flange for actuator
Connection: SMS male/male/male
Flow: full
Material: Aisi 304L – 316L
Measure: from DN 65 to DN 100
Seals: virgin P.T.F.E.
Operating temperature: -20°C +160°C
Outer finish: polished

On request:
Antistatic device ATEX II 2 G-D T4
• DIN FEMALE connection
• DIN male connection

• Seals made of:
P.T.F.E. with glass
P.T.F.E. with carbographite
High-molecular weight polyethylene

636585 x 1/6"21425101,51611,00F.07901255x41715709M8x2060373046 64410
636585 x 1/6"21425101,51611,50F.101251270x4221810211M10x2560373046 6441F
76 *6598 x 1/6"21425101,516-F.07901255x41715709M8x2060373046 64510
76 *6598 x 1/6"21425101,516-F.101251270x4221810211M10x2560373046 6451F
768098 x 1/6"266301161622,63F.07901255x41715709M8x2075373046 64810
768098 x 1/6"266301161622,13F.101251270x4221810211M10x2575373046 6481F
104100125 x 1/4"302311311034,83F.07901255x41715709M8x20110373046 65410
104100125 x 1/4"302311311035,36F.101251270x4221810211M10x25110373046 6541F
101100132 x 1/6"3023113110-F.07901255x41715709M8x20110373046 65510
101100132 x 1/6"3023113110-F.101251270x4221810211M10x25110373046 6551F

1Body1AISI 316L
2Ball1AISI 316L
3Sleeves3AISI 316L
4Stem1AISI 316L
5Ball seals3PTFE
6Sleeve seals3NBR
7Stem seal1PTFE
8Stem seal1PTFE
9Stem or-seal1FKM
10Register ring1AISI 304L (303)
11Locknut1AISI 303

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