Production of stainless steel ball valves and fittings for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sector.

Application industries

4G® GHIDINI ball valves and fittings are used in various industrial applications, such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Cosmetic industry; Food and Beverage; Chemical industry, Process industry, Water treatment and Energy production.

Pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industry

Flagship of reasearch, pharmaceutical industry needs the best technologies to meet the needs of its productions in sterile and aseptic environments. Our valves with integral seals without dead points eliminate the deposits of fluid inside them; high performances and certifications make them the ideal product for clean applications. The valves, easily removable, guarantee ease of cleaning and quick maintenance; the connections according to regulations, as well as the polish external finish, characterize a product with attention to details.

Food and beverage industry

Food industry, a cornerstone of the Italian cultural fabric that has always been engaged in the export of technologically advanced food processing plants, requires components such as ball valves and fittings that together with performance and reliability guarantee suitability for contact with foods through certifications such as “MOCA” 1935/2004/CE and FDA.
For this sector we provide specific solutions such as predispositions for washing with Cip system, for sterilization by steam and for PIG product recovery systems. All our valve models are available also in the version with heating jacket, ideal for the use in chocolate production.

Chemical industry, process industry,
water treatment and energy production

Chemical industry, an indispensable sector of today’s industrial society, given the peculiarity of the raw materials used and the often critical working conditions requires specific solutions that combine excellent performance with compatibility and reliability over time. 4G ball valves and fittings made entirely in aisi 316L from bar are suitable for contact with corrosive fluids; the possibility to configure them ad hoc allows to obtain the maximum yield.

The valves can be installed in hazardous areas given the ATEX II 2 G-D T4 certification.

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