Production of stainless steel ball valves and fittings for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sector.

550142_Integral Seals_butt-welding in according to DIN 11850

Valvola a sfera 2 vie 520142 tenuta standard saldare di testa (B.W.) secondo BS-OD (astm A-270)

550142_Integral Seals_butt-welding in according to DIN 11850

TWO-way ball valve, “Integral Seal” Three Pieces, revolving round sleeves
Drive: Inox lever
Connection: Butt-welding in according to DIN 11850
Flow: Full
Material: Aisi 316L (1.4404)
Measure: from DN10 to DN100
Seals: Virgin P.T.F.E.
Operating temperature: -20°C+160°C
Outer finish: Polished

On request:
Antistatic device ATEX:
II 2G Ex h IIC T4 Gb
II 2D Ex h IIIC T135°C Db
M.O.C.A. CE 1935/2004

DNLCHMØA x BØSTAY BOLTSStay bolts tightening (Nm)PNKgCOD. AISI 316L
1095110552013 x 1,5556 x 45464--550142 6B110
1595110552019 x 1,5556 x 45464--550142 6B810
20106110602223 x 1,5606 x 50440--550142 6C510
25118160702229 x 1,5758 x 65840--550142 6F510
32126160802335 x 1,5858 x 701025--550142 6J510
40145190952541 x 1,510010 x 901225--550142 6K910
501651901002553 x 1,512010 x 1001325--550142 6N910
651912351102770 x 214010 x 1202025--550142 6S610
802082851302785 x 216510 x 1402016--550142 6W410
10023031015037,5104 x 220012 x 1702216--550142 6X810

1Body1AISI 304L-316L
2Ball1AISI 304L-316L
3Sleeves2AISI 304L-316L
4Flanges for sleeves2AISI 304L-316L
5Stem2AISI 316L
6Ball Seals2PTFE
7Stem Seal1PTFE
8Stem Seal1PTFE
9Stem or-Seal1FKM
10Register ring1AISI 304L (303)
11Stay bolt4AISI 304L
12Self-clamping nut4AISI 304L
13Nut1AISI 304L
14Washer1AISI 304L
15Lever1AISI 304L

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