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Structural features

4G Ghidini - Valvole a sfera industriali inox 4G GHIDINI ball valves are created for all industrial sectors, in particular: alimentary, chemical and pharmaceutical. They are presented in the two versions both manual and with small flange as per ISO 5211- DIN3337 for control by means of pneumatic or electric actuators. 4G GHIDINI produces 2 or 3 way valves with standard connections: DIN, CLAMP, KF, GAROLLA, MACON, VICTAULIC, butt-welding, socket-welding, EN 1092-1 flanges, ISO 228, ISO 7, NPT, SMS, RJT threads.

4G Ghidini - Valvole a sfera industriali inox Every kind of connection is always available at our warehouse, moreover, valves can be customised to meet each customerís requirements, and can be assembled with different connections. Fittings and flanges produced comply with ISO, DIN, UNI, EN standards. In the phase of activation of the valve, the seal of the control rod is reached by an O-Ring of VITON and by seals of PTFE which guarantee for a low working couple. On request of our customers, seals can be supplied in PTFE filled with glass or carbon-graphite, in UHMW polyethylene or in other materials basing on the request; the O-ring can be supplied in EPDM, SILICONE, PTFE coated VITON or KALREZ.

4G GHIDINI ball valves are designed and produced without any fixing agent in order to enable an easy disassembly for possible inspections or replacement of worn-out parts.

4G Ghidini - Valvole a sfera industriali inox Raw materials which are used for the creation of 4G GHIDINIís products are bars of AISI 304L and AISI 316L, all compliant with Italian legislation and national and international standards currently enforced for applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 4G GHIDINI ball valves are a high design solution. They can have a polished or a sand surface in order to guarantee respectively, a low surface aggressiveness or a higher hygiene of the product.

The product of 4G GHIDINI is not just a valve of extreme reliability and remarkable production, but it is also the guarantee to the customer of a qualified and skilled assistance through a complete technical support which includes the choice of the best solution for every customerís needs, assistance services on worn-out parts and on installations. Moreover, on request small parts and ad-hoc valves are designed, developed and created in order to offer new solutions for the satisfaction of our customers and the market.
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