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4G Ghidini - Valvole a sfera industriali inox4G GHIDINI is:
- Reliability and resilience;
- Ad-hoc solutions for every need of the customer;
- Productive and commercial seriousness;
- Customer satisfaction;
- The stainless steel ball valve par excellence!

The company 4G GHIDINI was born in Lumezzane, an important industrial district located in Lombardy in the province of Brescia, in 1978. The Company represents the evolution and the synthesis of the spirit of Lumezzane which has always been able to combine a serious devotion to the work with the ability to innovate and create new ideas and products. Those elements enable 4G GHIDINI to be a flexible and reliable reality able to enter in international markets through competitiveness and leadership.

The belief in its own product has always been the reason which has driven 4G GHIDINI to the continuous technological innovation through a continuous research in order to guarantee the most efficient systems of design and production. Reliability and quality of 4G GHIDINI’s products are the result of passion, of responsible and highly qualified workers who produce stainless steel ball valves par excellence.

4G Ghidini - Valvole a sfera industriali inoxA thirty-year experience in the sector, the certification of the quality of the raw materials and of the productive system, the rapidity of deliveries and the complete customer care are a further confirmation of the added value of every single item which is produced by 4G GHIDINI.

Corporate Mission: To create, thanks to the thirty-year experience in this sector, the most reliable ball valves with the highest quality in the stainless steel market, in order to be the best choice for a secure and successful investment for our customers.

4G GHIDINI reliability in time.

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